"I hired Ann Marie to coach me for a very important speaking engagement for a fortune 50 global pharma company. My topic was Leading Change and the format banned PowerPoint. She helped me work out a flow that was engaging, inspiring and hard hitting. The audience loved it! I could not have risen to the level of excellence required without Ann Marie's insight, expertise and advice.  If you have a critical presentation or keynote speech to deliver and you need it to be more than perfect, hire Ann Marie!"

Barbara Spitzer

President, 2 Rivers Consulting, NYC


"Ann Marie is energetic and very enthusiastic about helping people reach their full potential. While working with Ann Marie she brought great real-life experience to training session and her business insight was well appreciated by everyone. Ann Marie used her industry experience to tailored programs for group and one to one sessions, providing pragmatic advice and good judgment."

Tim Wade

Head of Derivatives Product Strategy at Fidessa, NYC/London


"How do you engage and train people who slice open dead fish in a cold food locker all day?  As head of learning at Fairway, my job was to engage all our supermarket staff and raise the skills of our trainers.  So I hired Ann Marie and she created some meaty train-the-trainer sessions along with courses on innovation and creativity for my staff.  Then she developed and customized savory courses that we rolled out and delivered for our staff: on-boarding, customer service, sales and even a “So You Think You’re a Foodie” training.  It was filling, fed their need for learning and everyone ate it up.  I would hire Ann Marie again—it was a great experience!"

Jesse Nguyen

Sr. Mgr., Organizational Effectiveness, CBS Interactive, San Fran


"Ann Marie was one of my favorite people to work with at Fidessa. She always brought a high level of energy into all of our discussions and was a pleasure to work with.  One her biggest assets is how she was able to get a technology minded constituency to see the value of intellectual property and the patent process. Trust me, not an easy thing to do but Ann Marie was an expert at it. She was incredibly helpful at formalizing and stimulating the innovation process and always did so with passion and skill. She is creative, passionate and able to focus everyone on the task at hand in order to produce tangible results. I recommend her highly.

Jay Biancamano

Head of Product Marketing, Fidessa, NYC


"You can count on Ann Marie to lead human capital programs.  She is a talented facilitator who can make a positive difference in initiatives that train individuals, develop organisations and build systems that boost performance."

Jeffer London

President, Places that Innovate, Brussels, Belgium


“Everyone needs a mentor and I am lucky enough to have Ann Marie as mine.  While we were both at Fidessa, she took me under her wing and taught me so many things that I use every day.  She taught me about training, recruiting, networking and what I should expect from a good manager.  Her business acumen and skills are so incredibly important to me; I still value her expertise and guidance.”

Patricia Trujillo

HR Associate, Knewton, NYC


"Ann Marie's presentations are creative, engaging, thought-provoking and most of all FUN!!!  Her style and charm makes you say, "WOW!"  She always keeps the audience asking for more.  Thank you for sharing your incredible talents with our HR community."

Jason Boltax

EVP HR, Rubenstein PR, NYC


"Ann Marie is a consummate learning and development expert.  She "gets" the business, keeps the curriculum fresh and forges strong relationships.  We worked on mandatory compliance and anti-harassment training and her insights and expertise were spot-on. She approaches everything with tremendous insights, intelligence and pragmatism."

Julie Lefler

Sr. Legal Counsel, Fidessa, NYC


"While I was the Asia Pacific CEO at Weber Shandwick, Ann Marie and I created a three-day leadership conference in Penang, Malaysia.  Our 30 next-in-line Asia-Pacific leaders were treated to a rigorous, thought-provoking and fun seminar focused on leadership, creativity, networking and strategy.  It was one of our most successful sessions and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ann Marie.  She is smart, hardworking and able to adapt quickly to Asian cultural dynamics and to our regional business needs."

Andrew Pirie

General Manager, PR, Spark New Zealand



“I have attended many business skills seminars and classes during my thirty five year career. Ann Marie brings a great level of professionalism and deep insight to the tasks that she takes on as a leader in these sessions. She brings new, exciting and fun ways to get full participation to everyone in the room. She did this while keeping the focus on the main objective, which is to have everyone walk away with new tools and insight for them to use every day.

Ann Marie is a very important part of what makes companies and their people ready for each and every day.  I am grateful for what she has brought me, and so will you.  I approve this message.”

Bob Quagliata

Client Delivery Mgr., Fidessa, NYC



"For close to a year I was fortunate enough to work with Ann Marie on a sourcing project for our Operations Team at AllianceBernstein.  Ann Marie was able to quickly gain the respect of our senior leads and our clients, while keeping us on track with this project.  As a result of the work on this plan, we were able to save the organization a significant amount of money.  In addition, she compiled a best practices repository that we are using for future relationship management initiatives.  Ann Marie is smart, savvy and a true strategic partner. I enjoyed working with her and can highly recommend her work."

John Detweiler

Partner, Park Lexington Advisors, NYC


“Teaching client services skills to seasoned staff with solid technical and financial expertise can be daunting. But Ann Marie took the time to sit with our staff, listen to their calls, test out her material, listen to feedback and create a top notch course. And she made it fun, interactive and educational.”

Andrew Candres

Global Head of Service Desk, Fidessa


“While I was MD of the Hong Kong Office of GolinHarris, Ann Marie headed up the learning and development function for our region and she and I worked closely to create and customise the unique courses she conducted for our Asia Pacific groups. As a trainer, she is top-notch and adapted quickly and nimbly to working with our staff.  Indeed, Ann Marie's ability to train across cultures and national boundaries was quite a unique talent.  In addition she worked with our senior leadership team and shared strategies for performance management and how to manage and retain our key talent. She provided coaching on how to manage our teams and communicate more effectively.
I am happy to recommend Ann Marie for an L&D role, particularly one which calls for
agility, an intuitive ability to work across cultures and national boundaries and someone who is at the top of her game.”

Jacinta Reddan

MD, PineBridge Investments, HK



"I had the pleasure of working with Ann Marie at Interpublic when I headed up Asia-Pacific HR.  We partnered to create relevant, just in time organizational development initiatives and training for our staff and leaders. Her courses all over the Asia-Pacific region were always standing room only!  She even coached our global HR team so we could conduct Performance Management sessions which saved time and money.  We all looked forward to her trips to our region."

Shobha Devi

HR Director, Asia Pacific, Weber Shandwick, Singapore


"I worked with Ann Marie Morris at AllianceBernstein and found her to be a smart, enthusiastic professional.  She served as a consultant in our Centers of Excellence Organizational Development Team and led a series of initiatives: a supplier management health check, succession planning and a mobility project were all successes due to her hard work."

Tom Collins

VP, Learning & Development Citi, NY



"I had the great pleasure of directly working with Ann Marie at Sony Music.  Not only is she an amazing leader and consummate professional, her approach to training is fun and innovative.  Her expertise in her adult learning paired with her fantastic personality makes her a joy to work with."

Dr. Sarah McGovern

HR Manager, Daiichi Sankyo, Parsippany, NJ



"As leaders at MediaVest, we reached out to Ann Marie and after her first session, the buzz in our office was that the course was engaging and fun and everyone learned how to deliver a clear, cogent message that our clients would appreciate.  One account director told me, "I felt privileged to attend and my colleagues are jealous!"  We are seeing better performance with our clients and our staff is more energized."

Tecla Palli-Sandler

EVP of HR, Carat Media, NYC