Compelling Presentations

Is your presentation compelling?   Does your audience understand the benefits (and not just the features) of your great idea? Are the idea and call to action are clear? Do you feel confident in the message you are delivering?  By the time you walk out of this session, we are confident that your message will be clear and you will deliver it in a professional, compelling manner.


Controlling Questions

You finish your compelling presentation, stare at the audience and ask the dreaded question, “What questions can I answer?”

- Have you just relinquished control to the audience?

- How do you handle those long, statement, or hostile questions?

- What do you do when the upstart in the back defiantly asserts, “This is the dumbest       idea I ever heard!”

Learn the techniques to handle even the toughest questions and the secrets to staying on message. 


Communicating Effectively (using the DiSC Instrument)

Ever wonder why it is you connect with some people but not others?  Ever wonder if someone is asking you so many questions simply to torture you, or wonder why they are avoiding your thoughtful questions?

Everyone communicates in their own unique way but there are four basic styles that are universal.  Come to this session and learn how you prefer to communicate and how you stretch as business and corporate life dictates.  We will also cover strategies for how to work most successfully with others.


Your Elevator Speech

Can we sell our most valued commodity—ourselves?

You get into an elevator with a potential client; could you tell them what you do by the time the elevator doors opened again?  Come to this class and walk out being able impress a client and define what you do in 45 seconds.


Managing Conflict

When faced with conflict at work do you give in too quickly? Struggle to compromise? Or do you simply avoid the whole conflict?  In our session, we will assess how we react, if it is the best strategy or are we just doing what comes naturally? And is that the best strategy?


Negotiating Effectively

How would you like to like negotiating? In this course, we will teach techniques that may even have you looking forward to your next negotiations meeting.


Creativity at Work

Ever feel stuck in a rut for new ideas? Are you worried that you are “just not the creative type?”  In this lively and interactive workshop, we teach techniques that allow you to flex your creative muscles.


Career Compassing

Are you looking for the next step in your career and wondering how to get there?  Do you think that your boss should manage this for you?  Come to this session to understand how no one can manage your career better than you can and how you can get new direction.